LEAP Summit Albania

January 31st, 2024

LEAP Summit Albania

LEAP Summit Albania

Dear all,

Innovators Club in collaboration with Leadership Development Association organization has the pleasure to invite you to LEAP Summit Albania that will be held on January 31
from 9:30 till 13:00 at Conference Hall (E Building).
LEAP is a global movement firstly created in Zagreb Croatia, which influences more than 100.000 people world-wide.

LEAP Summit Albania will host 6 speakers who will hold motivational speeches based on their true life experience, making each participant go in retrospective with them in order to witness their struggles, crossroads, and their hard work which eventually led to their personal success. These speeches will have one philosophy in common: How a dream becomes a goal when action is taken toward its achievement.


The speakers are well-known individuals which have succeeded in areas of business, politics, entrepreneurship etc. Let's introduce them to you:


Klodian Allajbeu-CEO of American Hospital

Erion Nako- Expert in TIK and Telecommunication

Adion Gorani-CEO of Webhost

Ermal Jauri-CEO of Europe Agency

Kastriot Luma-Leader of Youth Assembly of Kosovo

Almin Shaqiri- Councilor of Presevo municipality


Since the conference will last for a couple of hours you may attend different parts of it, as it better suits your available time. To all attendees will be given certificates through email from LDA organization.


Please find attached the agenda of the activity. 



Kind Regards,