Spring Fest 2017 "Sports and Games Form"

May 24th, 2017

Spring Fest 2017

Spring Fest 2017 "Sports and Games Form"

Dear All,

Please be informed that on 24 of May, Sports Club and Clubs & Activities Office is organizing Spring Day. Beyond other activities that will be held, student are going to compete in different games during 11:30 - 13:00 hours.To join a game you should fill in the this form attached, also you may contact coordinators of games for more detailed information. Detailed information for games venue will be announced during Spring Day. You can find the games order that will be organized and coordinators below.

Time      Game   Coordinator               Contact
 Game1: Jenga Malbora Sinaj msinaj14@epoka.edu.al
- Game2: Sack Race Females (Gara me thase) Megi Ibi mibi14@epoka.edu.al
- Game3: Sack Race Males (Gara me thase) Sports Club from facebook
- Game4: Three Legs Race Female (Compete as
a team of two, with one leg of each
tied together) Megi Ibi mibi14@epoka.edu.al
- Game5: Three Legs Race Male Sports Club from facebook
- Game6: Egg and Spoon Race Megi Ibi mibi14@epoka.edu.al
- Game7: Balancing glases of water Eva Jazaj ejazaj14@epoka.edu.al
- Game8: Rope Pulling Female Klementina Idrizi kidrizi16@epoka.edu.al
- Game9: Rope Pulling Male Sports Club Sports Club from facebook
- Game10: Cycling Race Gent Imeraj gimeraj16@epoka.edu.al
All day Ping Pong Sports Club from facebook
All day Chess Sports Club from facebook
All day Monopoly Emanuela Senja esenja@epoka.edu.al
All day Basketball Male Sports Club from facebook
All day Voleyball Female Kelima Hima khima15@epoka.edu.al
All day Voleyball Male Sports Club from facebook

Some short explanations about some games;

The race will take place on the grass part between the buildings. Participants will be on a line, wearing a sack for each student on the race. After the mark given by the game coordinator the racer will start until a certain spot which is also shown by the coordinator before the game start and will go back to their initial positions. The first one to come back, will win the race.

The Egg and Spoon race will take place in front of canteen. Participants, holding the spoon, will form a line and walk with the spoon and egg on the coordinator mark. The person who will come back at the start position will win the race.

Three leg race consists on groups of two racing against each other. The teammates will have a leg of one participant tied with a leg of the other participant. The race will start when the coordinator makes the mark and the racers will go up to a point and turn back where they started. The first group wins the race.