The Key to Success 4.0

June 13th, 2017

The Key to Success 4.0

The Key to Success 4.0

Dear all,


We would kindly like to invite you to "The Key to Success 4.0"  organized by "Innovators Club" to be held on Tuesday, June 13, at 12:00 hours at the Conference Hall (E-building).


Struggles and opportunities of a start up business in Albania, creation of a successful food delivery application and more are to be discussed by the CEO of Baboon, Mr. Genti Selenica.


This is also a great opportunity for everyone that is looking for a job, since Baboon CEO & team hope to find talented students that will be trained in:

- Sales


 -iOS Development

- Android Development

- Web Development


Note: You are all encouraged to participate; for students who join 3 out of 4 series of success, certifications will be delivered.


Kind Regards,